Q. What is a MuniCard and how is it different from a prospectus posting?

A. A MuniCard is a municipal deal profile providing deal player and transaction level data with access to the prospectus via a unique web-based link that can be disseminated to all deal participants. The MuniCard is the most effective way to market your deal.

Q. How do I get a MuniCard posted?

A. Email the final PDF version of the prospectus to info@fmhub.com and request a MuniCard for your transaction. We will respond with a short questionnaire. Once the MuniCard is completed, we will send a review copy to the deal point-of-contact(s). Once approved, the MuniCard will be posted on MuniHub and a unique link will be provided for dissemination purposes.

Q. What is a “Featured Offering”?

A. The “Featured Offering” package puts your MuniCard in our “Featured Offering” Ticker, providing additional exposure to your deal.

Q. What is the MuniCalendar?

A. MuniHub’s MuniCalendar is a comprehensive calendaring tool which displays all deals posted on MuniHub, sorted by ‘Sale Date’ by default.  The MuniCalendar provides search criteria enabling users to search by state, deal type, timeframe, etc.  MuniHub also offers a private-labeled MuniCalendar so firms can display only their deals and link it to their website.

Q. How long does the MuniCard remain on the site?

A. The timeframe of the posting will be determined upfront by designating an expiration date once it is posted. If it needs to be disabled prior to that date you can email us and we’ll immediately take it off the site.

Q. What if changes need to be made to the content in a MuniCard after it is posted?

A. Let us know as soon as changes need to be made and we will disable the current MuniCard. Once a revised version is posted, we will highlight the change by showing “UPDATED” in the deal description of the Email.

Q. Can I receive alerts of new postings?

A. Yes, send your email address to info@fmhub.com and you will receive daily alerts.

Q. How much does your service cost?

A. We offer several cost effective packages depending on the service provided. We will email you our pricing packages and you can let us know which makes most sense for your organization.